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What is Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets is about exploring the richness of ancient cultures. It's about bringing new fragrances into your world, new flavours into your kitchen and expanding your palate. It's about sharing the knowledge and experience of various ancient cultures with people. We offer catering services for events, cooking classes, walking trips through some of the cultural enclaves in our community, and trips abroad for those looking to immerse themselves in the world's ancient cultures.

Who is Ishvara

When I am not travelling to exotic destinations I spend my time teaching various ethnic cuisines. My main focus is on traditional ways of cooking, particularly in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia. I began working in a vegetarian Indian restaurant at Laguna Beach, California in 1987 and have been involved with catering and teaching ever since. I currently lecture at Prue Leith Chef Academy. I am a traditionalist, and treat recipes as holy scripture, thus I will never create heretical fusion meals and prefer to keep exact recipes the way they have been taught for centuries.

Vivid colour, exotic flavours & seductive fragrances

Ancient Secrets caters events from private birthday parties to corporate team-building functions.

Every event is different and every detail discussed with the client before the function so it is exactly to their liking. Our catering functions include, weddings, year-end parties, birthday parties and corporate team building. Our events are exclusive, unique, and always unforgettable.

Sample menus

Explore diffent cultures through ancient recipes

Ancient Secrets Cooking Classes

From the Beaches of Bali to the Markets of Marakesh.. From Vegetarian to Vietnamese... From Mexican to Moroccan... We explore our many various cultures through the medium of food.. Ancient recipes that have been passed down in villages for thousands of years come to life in comfort of your home... Learn about Galangal from Thailand ...Loomi from Arabia.. Neroli water from Morocco... Berbere from Ethiopia..

Classes consist of a minimum of 8 students. Taught in the privacy of your home. Particular cultural themes are explored through the use of food. We try to capture the essence of various world cuisines in a day workshop People are introduced to all things particular to a distinct cultures food. Spices, herbs, utensils pertaining to the various cuisines are used on the day. We learn where to buy various ingredients in our home town and how to prepare an authentic meal. Each class includes salads, side dishes, main meals, desserts and drinks particular to a cultural cuisine. All recipes and ingredients are provided...

Some of our cooking classes

Immerse yourself and return transformed

Ancient Secrets Tours

We do several tours a year to India, each with a particular focus, because to see all of India in two weeks would be impossible. Our tours are not about ticking off the most popular sights, but rather about immersing yourself in the Indian experience so that you return feeling transformed.

We stay in palaces, bungalows, hotels and ashrams ....places that are beautiful and comfortable... The emphasis is on authentic accomodation with good service and character (no Sheraton and no roughing it).

Tours include pilgrimage towns, temples, bird parks, forts, farms and palaces...we go for long walks in nature... eat on the side of the road... haggle in markets... meet gurus and sadhus. All the tours are custom made for what people want and require. Each tour has a minimum of six people and a maximum of twelve people.

Our India tours:

  • The TANTRA TOUR takes us to South India to Sacred Tantric sights
  • The YOGA TOUR takes us to various yoga schools at the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges
  • The RAJ TOUR takes us to the Palaces of Rajasthan and Moghul India
  • The SPICE TOUR takes us to Kerala to markets and spice plantations
  • The BUDDHA TOUR takes us to all the pilgrimage sites associated with the life of the Buddha

There are also tours to:

  • Morocco
  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • Sinai
  • Istanbul
  • Syria

Walking Tours - Cultural walks in Johannesburg

If you would like to keep updated about cultural walks around Jo'burg on Saturdays then join the Ancient Secrets group on Facebook. Walks include:

  • Spice Walk in Fordsburg
  • Asian Culture in Cyrildene
  • Ethiopian Culture in the city centre
  • African Tradional Culture near Diagonal St
  • Arts on Main and the New JHB
  • Troyeville ~ home of artists and political activists

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